Flaunt your soccer passion with our adjustable Black Wristband. Featuring vibrant edge-to-edge printing on smooth 100% polyester, it’s secured with a durable bead slide lock, making it the ideal companion for every soccer enthusiast on the move.

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Soccer Lifestyle on Your Wrist

Stand out from the crowd and showcase your passion for the beautiful game with our sleek Black Wristband. Tailored for true soccer fans, this wristband is more than just an accessory—it’s a badge of honor, a testament to your unwavering dedication to the world’s most beloved sport.

Precision Craftsmanship

Every wrist tells a story, and ours is told with attention to detail. Vibrant edge-to-edge printing brings to life the beauty of soccer, while the smooth 100% polyester material ensures comfort and longevity. And whether you’re taking a free-kick or catching a flight, the durable black bead slide lock guarantees a snug fit, always.

Travel-Ready Accessory

Our wristband’s unique slide-lock mechanism makes it the ultimate companion for all your adventures. From the streets of Barcelona to the beaches of Rio, wear it as a symbol of your soccer journey and let the world know where your allegiance lies.

Color: Black
Size: Adjustable


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