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Experience superior hydration with the 33.8 oz Graphite Water Bottle. Crafted from BPA-free copolyester with stainless steel accents, it ensures pure sips and durability. Featuring a no-spill threaded lid and a unique braided wire loop, it’s the perfect blend of functionality and style.

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Stay Hydrated in Style

Parched lips and the sun bearing down on you? Fret not, as the Graphite 33.8 oz Water Bottle is here to be your trusty companion. Essential for both athletes and day-trippers alike, it’s not just another bottle; it’s a statement of your commitment to hydration and health. Designed with a BPA-free copolyester, you can sip with assurance, knowing your drink remains uncontaminated.

Built for the Journey

Bid adieu to the regular water bottles that can’t withstand the rigors of an adventurous life. Our bottle is not just about aesthetics; the stainless steel accent ensures longevity, while the braided coated wire carrying loop guarantees you can hang or hold it with ease wherever your journey takes you.

Sleek, Functional, & Reliable

It’s all about the details. The threaded lid ensures zero spillage, allowing you to toss it in your gear bag without a second thought. With its 33.8 oz capacity, this bottle strikes the perfect balance between bulk and capacity, ensuring you’re neither carrying unnecessary weight nor running out of water too quickly.

  • Color: Graphite
  • Size: 33.8 Oz



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